Shipping Art: Tales of Horror. Fangirl @ US customs?

First of all, my shipping woes are very rare and my intention is not to discourage anyone from buying art online.  I’ve been selling my work online for over five years now,  shipping to faraway places such as Tasmania, Jakarta and Dubai.  I’ve learned the do’s and don’ts of shipping artwork the hard way…. the safest, fastest way to ship art is in a sturdy postal tube.


True story.

Has anyone seen these missing prints somewhere in the USA?

A few months ago I shipped a set of extra large canvas prints to my customer in northern California (from England).  Upon receiving them,  she emailed asking: “Did you forget to pack the prints in the tube, Kim? Its empty!”    These were very large, heavy canvas prints measuring 46 inches long.  Not something you could easily misplace.   Upon closer inspection she noticed that one end of the tube had been tampered with – opened and re-taped.   Was there an opportunistic fangirl working for US customs or the US Mail somewhere out there in America? Was this her chance to procure a set of XL Loki prints?   Wait.  But how do you spirit away a set of heavy 46″ canvas prints out of the office in a jacket or handbag without someone noticing?


Sadly, The missing prints were never found. But not to worry – the story has a happy ending.  The prints were insured and a replacement set sent out immediately.   And of course I always include an extra piece of art whenever an unfortunate turn of events arises.  And this is very rare.   If  you happen to stumble upon this set of missing prints somewhere lost in America  – please tell the new owner that the artist hopes they enjoy the art regardless of the dodgy provenance.



Hurry up! Off to the PO on Friday afternoon.

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