Kimberly Godfrey is an American artist based in the ancient market town of Bury St Edmunds, England. Kimberly was born in Washington state where she later studied at the Art Institute of Seattle. With a creative background in fine art and fashion, her work features vibrant abstract paintings and embellished giclee print work with a glamorous aesthetic.

Delicate forms resembling transparent petals and leaves emerge in Kimberly's paintings. Her dream-like compositions are produced by the spontaneity of poured ink and mica on canvas and paper. Gravity is used to carefully control the layers in her paintings. Brushes, palette knifes or other handheld tools are rarely used. Each piece has several veils of colour that blend directly on the substrate to create a collision of unexpected hues. The finished work is joyful, bright and beautiful.

Kimberly's work is currently featured in lifestyle magazines, salons, spas and the homes of collectors the world over.

Kimberly is dedicated to animal rescue and honey bee conservation, and regularly participates in charity art auctions, donations and fund-raising events to raise awareness and help out in the animal welfare community.

Her paintings can be viewed at Larkview Studio, on the banks of the River Lark, within easy reach of London. By appointment only.


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Artwork can be purchased in our Amazon and Etsy shops or at Larkview Studio, located in Bury St Edmunds, England.